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“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.  Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.”  (Colossians 3:16-17)

Filthy Rags to Festal Robes

“Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the LORD, and

Satan standing at his right hand to ACCUSE him.

The LORD said to Satan, “The LORD rebuke you, Satan!

Indeed, the LORD who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you!

Is this not a brand plucked from the fire?

Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments

and standing before the angel.  He spoke and said to those who were standing before him, saying,

“Remove the filthy garments from him.”  Again he said to him, “See, I have taken your iniquity away from you and will clothe you with festal robes.”

Zechariah 3:1-4


So much goodness and truth jumps off of the page of scripture here…where to start??!!

Let’s start with this reminder…WE HAVE AN ACCUSER.  WAITING TO JUMP ON OUR CASE.




“Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies.  Who then is the one who condemns?  No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.”  

Romans 8:33-34

So when accusations buzz in our ears let us rebuke them in the Name of Jesus, our Defender, the One who is interceding on our behalf, and listen to His Truth about us instead!!

Declare it…today I WILL choose TRUTH!!  Today I will hear the voice of Jesus and shun the voice of the enemy.  I will remember that He is FOR me, not against me!!  

Hear that He has chosen YOU. 

“Is this not a brand plucked from the fire?”

He has plucked us up out of the fire…out of the chaos…out of the MESS. We didn’t walk out of the fire alone.  We didn’t walk out of the pit on our own.  HE PLUCKED US UP.  HE SNATCHED US UP.

“He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.”  Psalm 40:2

(Do you remember when He lifted you up??)

Remember that He gave you and I hope when we had none.  (Do you remember?  When His hope broke through to you like the sunrise??)

Joshua was standing in filthy garments.

So were we.

FullSizeRender (2)

The Lord said in verse 4…“Remove the filthy garments from him.”  Again he said to him, “See, I have taken your iniquity away from you and will clothe you with festal robes.”

From Filthy to Festal.

That’s the exchange.

Ashes to Beauty.

The stench of Death to the Aroma of Christ.

(“For we are to God the sweet aroma of Christ…”  2 Corinthians 2:15)

“I delight greatly in the LORD; my soul rejoices in my God. For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of his righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.”

Isaiah 61:10

“I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean; I will cleanse you from all your impurities and from all your idols.”

Ezekiel 36:25

“Who is a God like You, who pardons iniquity and passes over the rebellious act of the remnant of His possession?  He does not retain His anger forever, because He delights in unchanging love…”

    (Can we just meditate on that??  He DELIGHTS in UNCHANGING LOVE!!

It is His DELIGHT to show us

His unchanging…

His steadfast…

His unfailing…

His PERFECT love.)

“…He will again have compassion on us; He will tread our iniquities under foot.  Yes, You will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.”

        Micah 7:18-19

He has taken OUR dirty garments…and given us clean ones instead.  We have been given festal robes of our own…we are dressed for a celebration!!!  Our sins have been pardoned!!  We have been clothed by God (not by anything we have done…) in garments of salvation and robes of righteousness.

We are clean.

We are chosen.



Father, You are worthy of our praise.  You loved us so much, Father, that You sent us Your Son so that our filthy rags could be exchanged for clean ones.  Our rags of shame have been exchanged for celebration robes!!  We are clean in Your sight!!  Father, we celebrate You and Your perfect Love.  We celebrate Jesus who laid down His life for us.  Who made a way for us.  Who defends us and dances in victory with us!!  Our hearts are full of You!!  It’s in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.



“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”  Colossians 3:16

How the Gospel Blooms in Life’s Cracks

It’s easy to talk about our faith when all’s well.  When it’s all going great and we can smile about blessings and grace and forgiveness and Jesus…

…but when stuff hits the fan and life is a MESS…that’s when the Gospel can shout the loudest through us.

When we don’t just talk about grace but we cling to it with all we have.  

When forgiveness is hard and makes NO SENSE, but we forgive because we have been forgiven (with a power not our own).  

When we don’t just talk about Jesus but we CLING to Jesus with all of our might through things that were never supposed to happen to us…through the storms that will come.

What if we looked at each situation for what it is…an opportunity to SHOUT out the Gospel by the way we walk through it.  By the way we cling to Jesus through it.

Check out what Paul says in Philippians 1:12-14…(he writes this as a prisoner)…

“Now I want you to know, brethren, that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel…

(Pause…can WE say that???  That our circumstances are helping to spread the Good News??? )

…so that my imprisonment in the cause of Christ has become well known throughout the whole praetorian guard and to everyone else, and that most of the brethren…

…trusting in the Lord because of my imprisonment, have far more courage to speak the word of God without fear.”

Our circumstances are opportunities to live out the gospel.  To strengthen our faith, and in turn strengthen the faith of those around us.  

When we have peace and joy in hard situations…whether it’s an extreme circumstance such as walking through cancer or experiencing the death of a loved one, whether it’s dealing with a rebellious child or the loss of a job…or maybe just the overwhelming day to day life of being a mom…the day to day life of…LIFE…the constant struggles we face…

…we can choose joy over depression.

Peace over anxiety.

Hope over despair.

We can let flowers of faith, hope and trust grow in the cracks of our life.

desert bloom

It’s a paradox…it doesn’t make sense.  “How can they grow there?” they’ll ask. “Where are their roots? ” 

And that’s the question we want people to ask about us…how can they grow there?

Where are their roots that they could grow and bloom HERE?

How can they be “flowering” when their life is (or…seems like) a wasteland?  

How can they be kind when that person was so rude?

How can they forgive when that person did ________ to them?  

That’s when we shout it out…IT’S JESUS.  It’s the joy that HE gives, not circumstancial happiness.  It’s His strength IN US, not our own strength.

That’s when we shout out IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL…even here.  Because He is here and HE is good.

Living out the Gospel in our circumstances gives others “…more courage to speak the word of God without fear.” (v. 14) 

And that’s what it’s all about…our lives for the glory of God and the greater progress of the gospel.


          “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
            And through the rivers, they will not overflow you.
            When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched,
            Nor will the flame burn you…

            …you are precious in My sight…
            …you are honored and I love you…

            …Everyone who is called by My name,
            And whom I have created for My glory,
            Whom I have formed, even whom I have made.”

Isaiah 43:2,4,7 

Father, You are good!!  You are full of grace…more than enough grace.  You are with us.  You are faithful.  You are the giver of peace, the giver of joy, the giver of strength when we have none.  Thank You for the cracks…for the opportunities to give You glory and point to Jesus.  Let us see them as opportunities!!  It’s easy to be overwhelmed and look every way but Your way when they come.  Help us to look to You and give us the courage to proclaim the Name of Jesus.  In His Name, Amen!



“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

Colossians 3:16

Desert flower




“Yet even now,” declares the LORD, “Return to Me with all your heart…”  Joel 2:12

“…with ALL your heart…”


Throughout the Old Testament we see God pleading with His people through the prophets to return to Him with ALL of their hearts.  To rid their houses and hearts of idols.

I read this verse above in Joel a few days ago, and the word ALL jumped out at me and has continued to echo in my mind…and this question keeps replaying…

“What part of the “all of me” is not turning to the Lord?”

Because He wants all of me.

With the question comes this constant prayer…

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (Psalm 51:10) 

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me and know my anxious thoughts; and see if there be any hurtful way in me, and lead me in the everlasting way.” (Psalm 139:23-24)

Which part of all of me…which part of all of you….needs to turn to the Lord?  What is preventing me from giving ALL of myself wholeheartedly to the Lord?  I can’t bless His name with all of my heart and all that is within me if part of my heart is turned against Him.

When God searches us, what does He find?  Unforgiveness…bitterness…resentment?  A critical spirit…a complaining tongue?  Self~pity…a bad attitude?  Depression…anxiety?  Is there anything that I’m putting before God in my life?  My family…my self…my comfort?  Am I giving Him my time, or spending it on everything but Him?

These things can sneak up subtly and prevent me from giving ALL of me to the Lord.

And it’s not IF, it’s just when…1 John 1:10 says “If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His Word is not in us.”  

So we constantly have to ask Him to search us, and then turn ALL of ourselves back to Him.

The good news is…“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness.”  (1 John 1:9)


So we give Him ALL of us…all of the mess that we are…and He cleanses us from ALL.  (I’ll take it!!)

The next verse in Joel 2…verse 13…says…“…now return to the LORD your God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness…”

He is Gracious.  Compassionate.  Slow to Anger.  Abounding in Lovingkindness.

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, and ALL that is within me, bless His holy name…Who pardons ALL your iniquities; Who heals ALL your diseases; Who redeems your life from the pit, Who crowns you with lovingkindness and compassion; Who satisfies your desires with good things…” 

(Psalm 103:1-5)

My all for You, because You gave it all for me.

Thank You, Father, for cleansing me of ALL of my sin.  Thank You for Your faithfulness, for Your patience with me, for Your grace and compassion.  Make me like You, Father. Make me slow to anger.  Make me more gracious, more compassionate.  Create in me a clean heart, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.  Thank You, Jesus, for giving ALL of You so I can be forgiven of ALL and give ALL of myself to You.  In Your Name, Amen!!



“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” Colossians 3:16

The Secret for Deliverance and Protection…

stone wallOne verse, 6 translations, because each translation is beautiful.  Because someone other than me needs to know (or be reminded of) what it takes to be delivered and protected by the Almighty and very Capable God of the universe.

[Pause and reflect first…

What is it that you need delivering from?  A stronghold or addiction?  Negativity? Depression?  Yourself?

What is it that you need protection from?  {We all need protection from our very REAL enemy who is on a mission to destroy us…to steal our joy from us…to trip us up…to fill our head with lies…we all need protection from our own destructive natures.}]

So read on…

Psalm 91:14

“Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he knows my name.” ~ESV

“Because he has loved Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him securely on high, because he has known My name.” ~NASB

“Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.” ~KJV

“Because he is lovingly devoted to Me, I will deliver him; I will protect him because he knows My name.” ~HCSB 

“Because he has focused his love on me, I will deliver him. I will protect him because he knows my name.” ~ISV

“Because he seeks me I shall save him; I shall strengthen him, because he knows my Name.” ~Aramaic Bible in Plain English

God, Almighty Creator of all things, Alpha and Omega, the Truth and Light and Life, has offered us deliverance and protection.  This is all He asks of us…


hold fast to Me in love

 love Me

 set your love upon Me

be lovingly devoted to Me

focus your love on Me

seek Me


know My name.


Hard to believe?  Seem too easy?  Too unconditional?  Not enough work involved?

Just…love Him and know Him.  Just…seek Him and focus my love on Him and KNOW HIM.

Am I holding fast?

Am I devoted?



Knowing His name better daily?

Chashaq (khaw-shak’) is the Hebrew word translation for the “set his love” part of this verse…it literally means…delight, desire, bind, saddle.

Lord, let me know You more so I can delight in ALL of who You are.  The more I know You, the more I desire You.  I bind myself to You.  I take my saddle and attach it to You…wherever You go, I go.  Wherever You take me, I am saddled to You!  I am bound to Your love.  Before I ever loved You, You loved me and sent Jesus to pay for my sins.  What love, what deep, unconditional love it is that You have…that You are.  Reveal yourself to me.  Lord…deliver me and protect me.  Set my feet firmly on solid ground and be a shield around me.  I trust in Your deliverance and Your protection.

In the Strong Name of Jesus,  Amen.



Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.  

Colossians 3:16

Important Lessons From Kids and Gummy Bears

Good morning!!

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.”  

James 1:17

I love being a mom!  (And yes…it’s really easy to say that now when they’re all still asleep like little angels.)  It’s tiring, frustrating, not a whole lot of breaks and sometimes I want to throw the towel in.  But…I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

One of the things I LOVE about being a mom are the lessons that God teaches me about Himself (and about myself) that I never would have otherwise learned.

All that said, I’m going to share a story that happened yesterday…not to “rat out” my kids, but to share a profound lesson that I learned through them…and some Gummy Bears.

Yesterday, I took a car-full of boys…3 of them mine, one of them a friend…to a sporting goods store to buy shoes for one of them.  Crazy?  Yes.  It wasn’t too bad though.

Shoes in hand, we go to the checkout and (of course) are faced with…the Candy Display.  Seeing how I’ve already jumped on the Crazy Train by going shoe shopping with 4 boys, I say Yes when they ask if they can have some gummy bears.  Why not go ahead and sugar them up?!!

Before we’re out of the store, bags are ripped open and the 3 youngest boys are devouring the candy.  We get to the car and the devouring continues.  (My eldest son and I, sitting in the front seat, have yet to be offered a gummy.  The 3 younger boys, though, are making sure that what’s in the 2 bags that I’ve purchased is being equally doled out between the 3 of them.)

I suggest that they share some with their brother.

(OK, maybe I want one, too…maybe a red one, but at this point I’m waiting to see if they’ll even offer one.)


Then comes the announcement…“They’re gone!!!”

I looked at my eldest and said…”Wow!!  I didn’t even get one!!”

He replies…”And you were the one who bought them!!”

gummy bear

And then, the moment where God gives me this nugget…this teachable moment…and says,

That’s kinda how I feel when my children do the same thing!  I give out each breath…each moment…each resource…each talent…each and every dollar, and many times, my children devour the gifts that I give without a single glance my way.  Without offering back to me some of what I’ve poured out abundantly to them.

And sometimes they give a small portion, but it’s out of “obligation” and not out of a grateful heart.  Sometimes they don’t give their best to Me…sometimes it’s just the leftovers.

And I got it…in that moment…and I said to my eldest, “I wonder how God feels when we do that to Him?”  And he got it, too.

I do that…we do that…He gives and we hoard.  He opens His hands to us and we close our fists to Him and the others that we are meant to bless with our God~given resources.

“Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me, and to the blameless I will show my salvation.”  

Psalm 50:23

How often do I offer time…talents…resources…with a stingy heart instead of a thankful heart?

How often do I hoard the gifts that God gives me without even glancing His way in thanks?  What He wants most from us is our love for Him flowing from a grateful heart.  When that happens, the sacrifices and offerings are a natural response out of our crazy love for Him.

“To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.”

Mark 12:33

Forgive me, Lord, for the times that You have poured out gifts to me and I have hoarded them.  Forgive me for the times that I’ve had and ungrateful heart.  You are so generous!  You are the Giver of ALL good things and I thank You.  Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.  See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”  “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.”  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

Colossians 3:16



Good morning!!

Today…I’m just wondering…what exactly is our view of God’s Presence??  Where do we think He is, where do we thing He can or cannot be?

Do we believe He’s far off?

Do we believe He’s here in America with us, but not in distant countries?

Do I believe He’s present here with me, but not present with my children?  Even when they are away from me?

What do we believe about the Presence of God??

““Am I only a God nearby,”

declares the Lord,

“and not a God far away?

Who can hide in secret places

so that I cannot see them?”

declares the Lord.

“Do not I fill heaven and earth?”

declares the Lord.”

Jeremiah 23:23-24


Our God is NEAR…and FAR.

Our God sees it ALL.


He fills it!!

He is Omnipresent…everywhere, all at once.

So I’m just wondering…do we really believe it?  

I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel so secure and confident to know that the Presence of God that surrounds me and fills me is the Presence of God that surrounds my children as they are at school and camp and friend’s houses…He fills the space that they are in!

There is nowhere that I can go that I will be alone!!  There is no space or place that I can step into that His Presence is not already in.


“His Presence is everywhere I go…

Where can I go from your Spirit?

Where can I flee from your presence?

If I go up to the heavens, you are there;

if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.

If I rise on the wings of the dawn,

if I settle on the far side of the sea,

even there your hand will guide me,

your right hand will hold me fast.”

Psalm 139:7-10

So where is it that I believe He is NOT today?

What is it that I believe He cannot see?

Father…“The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain you!!”  (1 Kings 8:27)

Why do we think You can’t see it all?  Why do we think we can hide?  Why do we not trust You to envelop our children in the places that we can’t be?  YOU FILL THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH!!  

You fill us, Your children, with Your beautiful Presence.

Open our eyes…make us more aware of Your Presence so we can say, like Jacob,

“Surely the LORD is in this place, and I was not aware of it.”

And help us to TRUST that You fill the places that we cannot be.

In Jesus’ Name above ALL names, Amen!

Blessings, and HAPPY FALL!!!!

“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

Colossians 3:16


footprints in sand

Close to my Heart

Good morning!

I’ve been reading through the book of Jeremiah…it’s so sad to read this part of the Story where God’s people have wandered off…chosen things that do not satisfy over the only One who can satisfy.  How they’ve turned their backs on the One who loves them the most, only to give themselves over to wickedness.


Aren’t we sometimes guilty of the same things?  Don’t we sometimes forget where everything good comes from?  Don’t we sometimes look other places for satisfaction?

I read this verse in chapter 12 verse 2…

“You have planted them, and they have taken root;

they grow and bear fruit.

You are always on their lips

but far from their hearts.”

…and I wonder…how many times is the Lord on our lips but far from our mind…far from our hearts?  How many times do we sing words of praise without TRULY giving Him praise?  I know there have been times in the past that I was guilty of lip service…of being in this group…

“These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.” Isaiah 29:13

…until I really began to KNOW Him.

The One who gives us life and breath…the One who called us out of darkness into His Light…the One who sent His ONLY SINLESS Son to take my punishment on the cross…

rugged cross


…the One who walked out of the grave, ALIVE, to give me life…

…He deserves our heart.  All of it.  He is worthy of TRUE praise…not just empty words.

Our hearts should be overflowing with gratefulness, and words merely a way to express what is bursting forth from our hearts.  ONLY when we get deeper in and more intimate with Him is when this happens.  When we spend time in His Word and in His Presence.  When we know and see the beauty and TRUTH of Who our God is, we just can’t help but want our hearts to be as close to Him as they can.

So where are our hearts?

Are we offering empty words at the Throne of Grace?

Bring me even closer to You, Lord.  Bring me closer to Your heart.  Let me never offer empty words, let my heart be continually bursting with gratitude and joy that only You give.  

Jeremiah continues in verse 3 and says…

“Yet you know me, Lordyou see me and test my thoughts about You.”

He knows us.

He sees us.

He alone tests our thoughts about Him.

Father…let what You see in us be pleasing in Your sight.

Forgive us for insulting Your name by offering empty words…may every word I offer at Your throne be full of praise and gratitude, because YOU ARE WORTHY.

In Jesus Name, Amen


“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

Colossians 3:16


footprints in sand

Mustard Seed Moments…

Good morning!!

Mustard seed Image

If you’ve been walking on your faith~journey for a little while, you’ve had some “mustard~seed moments.”  There are huge, amazing, “Red~Sea~being~parted” moments, David and Goliath moments, sick~being~healed moments…and then there are these…

…mustard seed moments…personal moments that no one else would understand but you.  

Then there are times when God does something cool for your kids and you witness it…their own “mustard seed moment”…and you get to see it and you get to pull them into this beautiful faith~journey that you’re on.

{Yes…I got to witness one the other day…Father, give us more mustard seed moments!!!!}

They are the moments that God gets personal and intimate with you…reminding you that He’s into details…the moments that remind you that He’s closer than your breath and can read your very heart.

And you want those moments for your children…more than anything…almost more than anyone…almost…

…but God our Father wants those moments with our children more than we do!!!

He wants that moment where they look at Him and smile a smile of recognition and praise and adoration because they know they are known.

“But if anyone loves God, he is known by Him.”  1 Corinthians 8:3

He wants their hearts…their love…their adoration and praise like He wants mine.  And yours.  He is in our moments, up in our business, and in our busyness, too.  Closer than the air we breathe, and He is the Giver of all things good.

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.”  James 1:17

And we get to remind our kids of these things in those moments…we MUST remind them…that He knows us and that He is the Giver of all good gifts and that He is Unchanging.

These moments are sweet and tender and amazing.  These are the “little BIG things”…the little things that are HUGE enough to fill a growing faith~heart with gratitude and smiles.  The mustard seeds begin to bloom…


…so we pray for these moments.  We wait and watch for these moments.  Sweet and tender moments where we see and our kids see that He sees us…He knows us…He has us and our children in His hands wrapped up in His love.  

Pray that their footsteps and our footsteps will confidently follow His heart, His paths…pray that we will grow to look like this…


…all because of our mustard seed of faith.

Give us roots of faith deep in You, Jesus.

In Your Name alone, Amen.


“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

Colossians 3:16


The Fruit of Lips

Good morning!

“Accept, LORD, the willing praise of my mouth, and teach me your laws.”

Psalm 119:10

fruit tree

“Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name.”

Hebrews 13:15

What does the fruit of our lips look like?

Is it ripe and beautiful from healthy roots that run deep in faith?  Roots that have grown strong in Truth?

“Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.”

Colossians 2:7

Roots that are nourished by Living Water?

“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.”

John 7:38

“With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.”

Isaiah 12:3

“But his delight is in the law of the LORD,
And in His law he meditates day and night.

He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water,
Which yields its fruit in its season
And its leaf does not wither;
And in whatever he does, he prospers.”

Psalm 1:2-3

tree planted by water

Oh, let me look like the tree firmly planted by streams of water!

Let the fruit of my lips be a beautiful offering to the Glorious King who is worthy of all praise!!

Let the fruit that You produce in and through us, Lord, be a beautiful testimony to the Life that You alone can give.

Father, You are Life.  You alone offer Living Water!  When our roots are planted firmly in You alone, our leaves will not wither, no matter what comes.  Form in us a heart of joy, a heart of thanksgiving, a heart that looks more like Yours every day.  Let the fruit of my lips be an acceptable sacrifice to You today.  My desire is to continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to You!  Thank You, Jesus, for the Living Water that You give, that satisfies all of our thirsts and gives us the gift of eternal life through You.  In Your beautiful Name above all names, Amen. 


“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

Colossians 3:16